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Do you know a child 0r teen that loves to sing?
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Our program is open to all children, regardless of musical experience and ability. We recommend a visit to a rehearsal, and a conversation with the director. This helps us to understand each child's voice and his/her level of musicality, experience and musicianship! Every young singer can find a place in the Colla Voce Youth & Children's Chorus, so give it a try, and invite a friend! Please call ahead if you would like to arrange a visit, 530-210-0138.


           We will be on hiatus until January 2021.  Stay healthy, stay hopeful!




*The joy and fun of singing together is emphasized for all!


Prima Voci ("First Voices”):  Grades K-2, this is a preparatory class for young singers, including pitch awareness/acuity, rhythmic accuracy, tonal development of the voice, and early music literacy skills. Especially appropriate for pre- and early readers.

Cantiamo (“We Sing”): Grades 3-6, this level provides the foundation for progress in our program:  attentiveness and focus, development of rhythm and melody reading, appropriate vocal technique basics, and the beginning of part-singing.  Musical literacy (reading music), is introduced and developed.

Con Volo (“With Wings”):  Cantiamo singers, Grade 6+, ready for intermediate to advanced choral work.  Appropriate, healthy vocal production is stressed, along with an increase in independent musicianship skills.  Foreign languages are emphasized, as well as singing in two to four parts confidently. 

The choirs rehearse two semesters each year.  Fall (September through mid-December) and Spring (late January through May).  


The tuition for each semester is $185 per student. While this is a year-long program, parents and singers are asked to register for one semester at a time, and pay in advance for that semester. Scholarships and payment plans are available, if needed. Please communicate with the director to make these arrangements.  Checks can be made to CVYCC or Colla Voce.



In order to best serve your child, parents are asked to share their talents, and model for the children the importance of music education.  Parents can demonstrate these values by being punctual, respectful and committed.  Parents are asked to volunteer in some capacity during each semester where they feel they can best share their own talents, from helping with marketing, data entry, baking treats to be sold at intermissions, to posting flyers for the concerts. Details will be discussed at the beginning of each semester during the Season Opener Event.



Anne Vaaler




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